Stairlifts and through floor lifts

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Stairs are one of the biggest barriers to independence in the home for people with limited mobility. It’s frustrating if you’re confined to one part of your house, or if you’re nervous about making it up and down a flight of stairs safely.

A stairlift or through-floor lift can enable you to access different levels in your house safely and easily. We’ve teamed up with a local company who specialise in lift installation and can offer a wide range of new and refurbished stairlifts. If you’re interested in finding out more, or think you may need a lift as part of a wider refurbishment of your home, get in touch with us today.

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If you find yourself in a situation where using the stairs is difficult, painful or downright impossible, a stairlift could give you the freedom to continue moving about your home as you please.

There are a whole variety of stairlifts available, depending on your home, staircase and level of mobility. For example:

  • Straight stairlifts – the most economical type of lift, suitable for straight staircases
  • Curved stairlifts – with multiple configurations to fit round the bends and twists in your stairs
  • Heavy duty stairlifts – designed to be more comfortable and supportive for larger people
  • Outdoor stairlifts – a waterproof stairlift, designed for outdoor use. Ideal if you have a split-level garden of a flight of steps to your front or back door.

You can also rent a stairlift if you won’t need one permanently, for example, if you’re recovering from an operation, or learning to walk again.

Through-Floor Lift

If you’re a wheelchair user, or aren’t comfortable using a stairlift, a through-floor lift can help you access different storeys of your home. This may avoid having to reconfigure your home to include a downstairs bedroom and bathroom.

A ‘through-floor lift’ literally takes you up through the floor of the room above. In most cases they go up from your living room through into your bedroom.

Through floor lifts are a specialist item, and whilst we don’t install them ourselves, we’re happy to advise on how they may fit into the space available in your home and recommend installers. We can also carry out preparation work before installation and any redecoration required as part of the wider refurbishment of your home.

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