Accessible kitchen design

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The kitchen is the heart of the home – your home. We can build a bespoke kitchen to suit your family and lifestyle or adapt your existing kitchen so you can continue to use it. Everyone’s kitchen space, design style and accessibility requirements are different, so the best way to get an idea of what we can offer you is to book a free survey. One of our team will come out to your home, listen to your ideas and help you create a kitchen fit for a MasterChef!

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Kitchen alterations

If you’re struggling to use parts of your kitchen, but don’t want to a complete redesign, there are various alterations we can make. These may include:

  • Lowering one section of worktop for a wheelchair user
  • Equipping existing wall units with pull-down shelves, to keep items within reach
  • Switching your existing sink for a wheelchair accessible sink
  • Changing fittings to make taps and hobs easier to use

We’ll discuss your priorities with you to design a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

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Liberty Rise and fall sink
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Rise and Fall hob

New kitchen design

Designing a new kitchen from scratch gives much more scope to create an environment that can meet the multiple needs and demands of a family. We’ve designed and installed many bespoke kitchens for customers and are happy to advise on how you can create a practical, accessible and stylish kitchen for your home.

There are lots of options available:

  • Adjustable worktops allow you to easily raise or lower the worktop to suit the height of the person using it. Hobs and sinks can be incorporated into the worktop, so whatever height you like to work at, you can get the dinner made.
  • Recessed base or roll out base units to give foot room for wheelchair users.
  • Ovens with doors that open sideways, not downwards, so you can easily reach what’s inside.
  • Easy to use fixtures and fittings, such as long-levered or infra-red controlled taps and hob controls situated on the front of the hob rather than to the side.
  • Lowered wall units, pull down shelves and pull out cupboard storage to make everyday items easy to access.
  • Pull-out base units to give extra space and flexibility in the kitchen.

If your current kitchen isn’t big enough for what you want, we can also advise on home extensions and options for creating a more open-plan environment.

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