How Digital Showers Can Help You Bathe Independently

This article looks at “technology”. Today we look at digital technologies that may assist when bathing or showering, in particular, digital showers.

Digital showers, such as those produced by Aqualisa are the latest in showering technology. But why is such a product potentially suitable for you?

Unlike a typical shower, a digital shower is remotely controlled and has a small processing unit. They’re easy to install and perhaps one of the best options should you need to replace your shower.

How Does a Digital Shower Work?

Data, sent through a cable connects the shower to the processor where the hot and cold water are blended. You can also fit this to your bath, meaning you can fill your bath to your perfect temperature too: no more topping up with hot or cold until just right!

For a disabled user, a significant advantage is that you or a carer can operate the shower remotely from elsewhere in your bathroom, meaning you can get the shower temperature just right, before entering the shower area. Afterwards, it can be turned off remotely, meaning a carer can remain dry – no more reaching in/out and getting an arm or more wet!

Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa’s range of Quartz and Visage showers feature one- touch controls, LED displays and of course we can custom fit the position of the units to wherever a customer chooses.

With more houses having water meters these days, these systems all have an “eco” button to help reduce energy and water usage.

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